About Us

District 106 Educational Foundation

We are a 100% volunteer organization made up of parents of District 106 students and representatives from the Elementary School, the Middle School, the School Board and the School Administration. We devote our time to raising money for the Highlands Schools to enrich the educational experiences of the students.

We are celebrating our 21st year!

Throughout the year, the Educational Foundation plans fun events for the Highlands community. 100% of the funds raised from these events goes right back into the school. Types of events we plan include: Fall & Spring Happy Hours, Fall Family Event, Bob Barnes Basketball Tournament, Movie Night, Trivia Night, & Spring Training 5K. We also rely on private donations and corporate sponsorships.

Since beginning in 1995, the Foundation has granted over $850,000 back to the school.

How can you help?

It’s simple! Attend our events, bring your friends, and enjoy the great community that is Highlands. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date on all the exciting happenings this year!

Examples of Grants to the Schools

Last year (2014-15) we provided these items to Highlands schools:
New Fitness Equipment • Middle School Gym Sound System • Middle School Newspaper Funding • Middle School Team-Building Field Trip • Highlands CARES Community Outreach Program • Scholarships • 3rd Grade Author/Poet-In-Residence • Start-Up Funding for School Stores • LCD Projectors • CPR / First Aid Program for Highlands staff and Grades 6-8 • Homework Club • Service Club for Grades 4-5 • Program for At-Risk Students • Computer Class for Seniors in Our Area • Sports Fields & Track Refurbishment • New Defibrillators • After-School Computer Club for Grades 4-5 • Parent Network Programs • Middle School Cardio Training Equipment • Yearbook Training • Music-in-Education • Fitness Program for Elementary Students


The mission of the District 106 Educational Foundation is to acquire and distribute financial and other resources tothe LaGrange Highlands School District 106 and to fund activities which extend and enhance the quality of education and provide students with expanded learning opportunities.
In order to carry out its mission, The Foundation established several fundraising events. The goal of each of these events was to solicit charitable donations to fund grants that were submitted either by the teachers and the administrators or any person in the District 106 Community.

Tax Deductible Donations

The Foundation operates as a qualified 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. Through its all volunteer board, the Board Members organize the above events. These events are run by committees appointed by the President.
The Foundation also has standing committees that oversee the following: Grants, Scholarships, Newsletter, Marketing, Publicity and Volunteer Recruitment, Website Maintenance, Income Tax and Corporate Filings, By Laws and 501(c) Compliance and the Nominating Committee.
The Grant Committee meets at the end of the year to review the grant proposals that have been submitted by teachers, administrators and community members. The Grant Committee decides which grants to recommend to the Board and then the Board, after discussion of the grants, votes on which grants will be awarded and for how much.
The grants awarded have supported programs that provide educational support for the students through homework clubs and other social programs. The majority of the grants have been awarded for capital improvements to the school that principally enhance the education, the culture and the athletic activities of the students.


In 1995, a group of LaGrange Highlands’ parents, in conjunction with school administrators and educators, came together to create the District 106 Educational Foundation.

These Founders had a vision of raising private funds to enhance the educational experience of the LaGrange Highlands students. What began as a simple idea has flourished and grown into a highly successful fundraising organization that has provided many wonderful programs and improvements to the Highlands School Community.

Our Mission is Enrichment